Hundreds of weapons and armor, all sorted into different categories. Over a hundred special skills and 10 different classes to wield them. The classes include Soldier, Monk, Paladin, Spellblade, Samurai, Archer, Thief, Priestess, Witch, Sage. Of those Soldier, Thief, Archer and Monk are the starting choices for your character. Throughout the game you will find potential party members of each class. Each class has unique stats and abilities and all the classes have a max level of 99. Boats, Ships and Airships make an appearance. Boats work in shallow water, Ships work in deep water and Airships fly over everything only requiring an empty space to land.

A unique feature I have added is an upgrading home town. As you progress through the main story line, your home town, Charlotte, will grow. From new residents to new shops your town expands constantly.

I intend for the length of the main story line to be about 20 hours, if not more. Adding in side quests and dungeon exploration the game should include about 40-60 hours of content. This is still a rough estimate, but it is what I intend on accomplishing

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